Annual Returns

New and Amended Returns

Following is a list of new or amended returns submitted after 01 February 2019.
Click on a name to view the amended database information or click on the document to view the original or amended return.

 Found 30 updates Page size
04 Nov 2019Queensland GreensYPCY6A02 Amendment 2Political Party
31 Oct 2019Gatenby Investment TrustYLYV7A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
20 Oct 2019Science PartyYNJB6A01 Amendment 1Political Party
11 Oct 2019Australian Labor Party (ALP)YRRM2A01 Amendment 1Political Party
18 Sep 2019Electrical Trades Union of Australia - Victorian BranchYVDL9A01 Amendment 1Donor
13 Sep 2019Australian Labor Party (Tasmanian Branch)YNIW4A02 Amendment 2Political Party
12 Sep 2019The 500 Club (WA)YOBO9A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
15 Jul 2019Hon Michael WooldridgeZYGG7 Original ReturnDonor
17 Jun 2019Queensland GreensYPCY6A01 Amendment 1Political Party
13 Jun 2019Cartwheel Resources Pty LtdYXAV4A01 Amendment 1Donor
07 Jun 2019Altum Pty Ltd as Trustee for Altum Property Unit TrustYLVX5A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
07 Jun 2019LNP Nominees Pty Ltd as Trustee for the 6 St Paul's Terrace UnitYLPQ7A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
02 Jun 2019The Nepean ClubZOJF5 Original ReturnAssociated Entity
31 May 2019BlueScope Steel LimitedYXXJ8A01 Amendment 1Donor
23 May 2019Dragoman Pty LtdZOEQ0 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
10 Apr 2019Spring Street Advisory Pty LtdZFHZ8 Original ReturnDonor
01 Apr 2019Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty LtdZEZN1 Original ReturnDonor
28 Mar 2019Maritime Union of AustraliaZEXN3 Original ReturnAssociated Entity
26 Feb 2019The Lakeside 200 ClubZEEL9 Original ReturnAssociated Entity
25 Feb 2019Endeavour 270 ClubZEDS5 Original ReturnAssociated Entity

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