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Australian Electoral Commission

Annual Returns

New and Amended Returns

Following is a list of new or amended returns submitted after 01 February 2018.
Click on a name to view the amended database information or click on the document to view the original or amended return.

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07 Nov 2018Pilliwinks Pty Ltd as Trustee National Party FoundationXJYL5A02 Amendment 2Associated Entity
01 Nov 2018Liberal Party of Australia (S.A. Division)XKJT6A01 Amendment 1Political Party
19 Oct 2018Australian Greens (South Australia)XJLM7A01 Amendment 1Political Party
25 Sep 2018Country Liberals (Northern Territory)XMYS6A01 Amendment 1Political Party
24 Sep 2018Estate of the Late Ann Margaret GruenYIYS5 Original ReturnDonor
17 Sep 2018Australian Labor Party (ALP)XJAR2A03 Amendment 3Political Party
13 Sep 2018Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) BranchXKID1A01 Amendment 1Political Party
13 Sep 2018Hanssen Pty LtdXMSO3A01 Amendment 1Donor
13 Sep 2018Liberal Party of AustraliaXJTK3A01 Amendment 1Political Party
07 Sep 2018Derryn Hinch's Justice PartyXOVR3A01 Amendment 1Political Party
07 Sep 2018National Party of Australia (WA) IncXIXY7A01 Amendment 1Political Party
05 Sep 2018Ernst & YoungXRQY2A02 Amendment 2Donor
30 Aug 2018NT Kerbing Pty LtdYHCT6 Original ReturnDonor
29 Aug 2018Australian Gypsum IndustriesXUGS5A01 Amendment 1Donor
27 Aug 2018Transport Workers Union of Australia - NSW BranchXFRQ5A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
22 Aug 2018Satterley Property Group Pty LtdXRQM1A01 Amendment 1Donor
21 Aug 2018Liberal Party of Australia - Tasmanian DivisionXHPI1A01 Amendment 1Political Party
20 Aug 2018Caulfield Challenge 200 ClubXFPQ9A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
15 Aug 2018Mr Michael CrouchXFAE7A01 Amendment 1Donor
09 Aug 2018Aus Food Alliance Pty LtdXQAD1A01 Amendment 1Donor

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