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Australian Electoral Commission

Annual Returns

Summary of Political Expenditure Returns - 2016-17

 Found 34 political expenditure returns Page size
ACA Low Emissions Technologies Ltd$0.00$464,189.00$282,973.00$2,836,953.00$0.00
AEU NSW Teachers Federation$341,643.00$59,574.00$45,730.00$69,565.00$0.00
Australian Council of Trade Unions$7,430.00$176,645.00$249,030.00$156,920.00$298,916.00
Australian Education Union$150,592.00$77,133.00$215,575.00$358,122.00$92,950.00
Australian Education Union Victorian Branch$0.00$284,920.00$87,014.00$0.00$0.00
Australian Rail Tram & Bus Industry Union NSW Branch$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Australian Services Union - National Office$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Australian Workers Union WA Branch$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Automotive Food Metals Engineering Printing & Kindred Ind. Union$0.00$0.00$264,908.00$0.00$0.00
Business Council of Australia$0.00$0.00$0.00$148,199.00$0.00
CFMEU - Construction & General Division (WA Branch)$217,500.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Council of Mayors (SEQ) Pty Ltd$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Environment Victoria$17,028.00$0.00$0.00$6,953.00$0.00
Fair Agenda Ltd$0.00$17,947.00$9,370.00$0.00$0.00
GetUp Limited$669,172.00$0.00$0.00$73,601.00$78,320.00
Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited$13,825.00$3,331.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Industry Super Australia$0.00$0.00$0.00$244,350.00$0.00
Master Builders Australia Ltd$0.00$0.00$21,000.00$29,000.00$0.00
Minerals Council of Australia$0.00$2,761.00$491,185.00$803,079.00$0.00
National Civic Council$25,632.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Note: The political expenditure item 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are explained as follows
1: Public expression of views on a political party, candidate in an election or member of the Federal Parliament by any means.
2: Public expression of views on an issue in a Federal election by any means (other than those at items 1, 3, 4 or 5).
3: Printing, production, publication or distribution of any material (other than that at item 1 or item 2 above) that is required by section 328 or 328A of the Act to include a name, address or place of business.
4: Broadcast of political matter in relation to which particulars are required to be announces under subclause 4(2) of schedule 2 to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.
5: Carrying out opinion polling or other research relating to a Federal election or the voting intentions of electors.
Disclaimer: The above information should be verified against the submitted Return document(s).

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