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Australian Electoral Commission

Annual Returns

Return Receipt Details - 2017-18

Australian Greens

GPO Box 1108

Declared Total Receipts: $2,908,021.00

Receipts where $13,500 or more was received:

 Found 7 receipts Page size
Victorian GreensGPO Box 4589
Melbourne VIC 3001
Other Receipt$618,631.00
NSW GreensGPO Box 1220
Sydney NSW 2001
Other Receipt$367,218.00
Dept FinanceJohn Gorton Building
Parkes ACT 2600
Other Receipt$220,000.00
Queensland GreensPO Box 661
Albion BC QLD 4010
Other Receipt$196,236.00
Estate of Michelle Wellardc/- NSW Trustee and Guardian 160 Marsden Street
Parramatta NSW 2124
Other Receipt$136,250.00
Greens WAPO Box 3022
Perth WA 6832
Other Receipt$132,420.00
Estate of Ian Ruddc/- Kevin John Rudd 112 Dorchester Avenue
Warwick WA 6024
Other Receipt$60,461.00
 Disclaimer: The above information should be verified against the submitted Return document(s).

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