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New and Amended Returns

Following is a list of new or amended returns submitted after 01 February 2017.
Click on a name to view the amended database information or click on the document to view the original or amended return.

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26 Apr 2017Estate of Aina RankeWRQG0 Original ReturnDonor
19 Apr 2017Gainsdale Pty LtdWOEB5A01 Amendment 1Donor
19 Apr 2017Mr Joseph WalshWROJ3 Original ReturnDonor
19 Apr 2017Mr RA HornseyWROL2 Original ReturnDonor
12 Apr 2017National Party of Australia - VictoriaVQLR2A01 Amendment 1Political Party
11 Apr 2017SingTel Optus Pty LtdVZJZ6A01 Amendment 1Donor
08 Apr 2017Country Liberals (Northern Territory)VUHE9A01 Amendment 1Political Party
06 Apr 2017Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.WRHX1 Original ReturnDonor
31 Mar 2017Waratah Group (Australia) Pty LtdWRFY1 Original ReturnDonor
29 Mar 2017One Community SAWRFA8 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
23 Mar 2017Australian Gypsum IndustriesWPEP1A01 Amendment 1Donor
23 Mar 2017Mr Andy YinWRCY5 Original ReturnDonor
22 Mar 2017Rise Up Australia PartyVPNN4A01 Amendment 1Political Party
21 Mar 2017Denmac NomineesWRAN4 Original ReturnDonor
20 Mar 2017BOSSY BLUE PTY LTDWQZI6 Original ReturnDonor
17 Mar 2017Kalhmera atf The Makrylos Family TrustWQRC4 Original ReturnDonor
16 Mar 2017Mr Christopher GarnautWQMG9 Original ReturnDonor
14 Mar 2017Mr Michael KauterWQLN1 Original ReturnDonor
10 Mar 2017Liberal Party of Australia, NSW DivisionVQRP9A01 Amendment 1Political Party
10 Mar 2017Magenta Shores DevelopmentWQJV4 Original ReturnDonor

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