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New and Amended Returns

Following is a list of new or amended returns submitted after 02 February 2015.
Click on a name to view the amended database information or click on the document to view the original or amended return.

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01 Sep 2015The Breweries & Bottleyards Employees' Industrial Union of WorkeSHEH8A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
31 Aug 2015Australian Labor Party (South Australian Branch)SKFT6A01 Amendment 1Political Party
05 Aug 2015Chinese Liberals AssociationTKTW9 Original ReturnAssociated Entity
09 Jul 2015Visa AP Pty LtdTHYS9A01 Amendment 1Donor
17 Jun 2015Menzies 200 ClubTETD0A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
12 Jun 2015Financial Services Council LimitedSHEG1A01 Amendment 1Donor
01 Jun 2015Australian Education Union Victoria BranchTIMZ2 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
27 May 2015Alliance of Australian Retailers Pty LtdTIKA1 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
26 May 2015Transcontinental Asset Management Pty LtdSWLE9A01 Amendment 1Donor
25 May 2015Mr Ian Robert McCauleyTIBP4 Original ReturnDonor
21 May 2015United Firefighters Union of Australia Qld BranchTIAB2 Original ReturnAssociated Entity
19 May 2015Visa AP Pty LtdTHYS9 Original ReturnDonor
15 May 2015Australian Rail Tram and Bus Industry Union Western Australian BSIEU6A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
13 May 2015Australian Council of Trade UnionsTHWX0 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
12 May 2015GetUpTHWI2 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
11 May 2015Queensland Teachers Union of EmployeesTHVS4 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
23 Apr 2015Assyrian Sports and Cultural Club LtdTHIY6 Original ReturnDonor
23 Apr 2015Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)SKPT6A03 Amendment 3Political Party
15 Apr 2015Single Parents' PartyTHEE3 Original ReturnPolitical Party
10 Apr 2015Mr Brett WhitfordTHCZ3 Original ReturnDonor

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