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New and Amended Returns

Following is a list of new or amended returns submitted after 01 February 2016.
Click on a name to view the amended database information or click on the document to view the original or amended return.

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06 Sep 2016Australian Services Union SA - NT BranchTOJJ9A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
06 Sep 2016The Australian Workers' Union - Greater NSW BranchTLYL1A01 Amendment 1Associated Entity
31 Aug 2016Insurance Council of Australia LimitedTQER3A01 Amendment 1Donor
01 Aug 2016Mr Michael SiddleUBVP5A01 Amendment 1Donor
19 Jul 2016Universities AustraliaVALN3 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
15 Jul 2016Maurice BlackburnTYBO1A01 Amendment 1Donor
12 Jul 2016Media Entertainment & Arts AllianceUZRM1 Original ReturnPolitical Expenditure
08 Jun 2016Crown Resorts LimitedTONX1A01 Amendment 1Donor
31 May 2016CropLife Australia LimitedUDIE4A01 Amendment 1Donor
30 May 2016AMP Services LtdUMGE9A01 Amendment 1Donor
24 May 2016Brookwater Resort Investments Pty LtdUBWJ9A01 Amendment 1Donor
24 May 2016Fu Ocean Pty LtdUALB1A01 Amendment 1Donor
23 May 2016ADCO CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTDTSGY9A01 Amendment 1Donor
20 May 2016Jianping Fu Min ZhangTSGZ5A01 Amendment 1Donor
20 May 2016Pfizer Australia Pty LimitedTZII3A01 Amendment 1Donor
18 May 2016Mr and Mrs John and Carolyn KirbyTYFX8A01 Amendment 1Donor
17 May 2016AMP Services LtdUMGE9 Original ReturnDonor
17 May 2016Linbrook Pty LtdTZQM9A01 Amendment 1Donor
06 May 2016Forest Hill Supporters' ClubUNRS1 Original ReturnAssociated Entity

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