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Political Expenditure Return - 2015-16

AEU NSW Teachers Federation

Locked Bag 3010

Public expression of views on a political party, candidate in an election or member of the Federal Parliament by any means: $843,122.00
Public expression of views on an issue in an election by any means: $63,630.00
Printing, production, publication, or distribution of any material that is required by section 328 or 328A of the Act to include a name, address or place of business: $235,212.00
Broadcast of political matter in relation to which particulars are required to be announced under sub-clause 4(2) of schedule 2 to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992: $141,656.00
Opinion polling and other research relating to an election or the voting intention of voters: $42,075.00

No Donations were listed on this return.

VOLA3 Original Return06 Oct 2016
AEU NSW Teachers Federation2016-17
NSW Teachers Federation2014-15
NSW Teachers Federation2012-13

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